Cotswold Chine School was founded in 1954 as an independent, charitable school for children with complex learning needs and associated social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Registered with the Department for Education and OFSTED, the School offers a full range of educational and social experiences to male and female students aged 7 to 19 years. The School provides residential accommodation for 39 through to 52 week placements for 42 students; an additional 18 day placements are available.

“Relationships between staff and students are exemplary.  These relationships are based on mutual respect and the understanding of staff for each individual student and their individual needs.” Ofsted 2017

The School’s holistic approach to teaching methods, learning and development is designed to meet the changing needs of children and young people as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally. The School excels at meeting the needs of challenging and complex young people, many of whom have experienced multiple placement breakdowns in the past. Individualised packages of support are devised for all young people; these include an individualised educational programme, a personal activity timetable, a behavioural support plan and access to a full range of therapies.

“Pupils feel safe and secure.  Staff have a deep knowledge and understanding of the many challenges pupils face.  This enables staff to support pupils’ development extremely well.” Ofsted 2017

The School benefits from a highly skilled Complex Needs Team who meets regularly to carefully consider and monitor each student’s welfare. The team includes specialists in the areas of social work, special education, clinical psychology, trauma and attachment, child and adolescent psychotherapy, occupational therapy, diet and nutrition, nursing, residential care, behavioural support and art therapy. Therapists work with young people on a day to day basis in a variety of ways, including dedicated 1:1 sessions at the Ebley House Support Centre, group work, session work alongside a young person’s class teacher and/or carer and group sessions based within the class groups. The School understands that young people may be anxious about seeing a therapist, which is why the focus is on working in a flexible way and building a relationship in an informal environment.

Jake Lukas RSW Chief Executive