The School has eight houses in countryside locations, all built in Cotswold Stone, providing comfortable and homely accommodation. Four of the houses are located on the main school site, but separate from the School classrooms. The other four houses are large detached houses with their own grounds, each of which is approximately one mile away from the School.

“Young people feel safe and enjoy trusting relationships with adults who are committed to improving their outcomes” Ofsted 2017

Each house accommodates 3-8 children which enables a safe, nurturing family atmosphere to be created and sustained through the individual staff/child relationships and the routines in each house. The allocation of children to houses is based on each child’s individual needs and their shared interests with peers in the group. Three of the houses are specifically designed to offer more mature young people an opportunity to live semi-independently with other young people aged 16 and above within a smaller home. The other houses include a mix of ages from 7 to 19.

“Children make excellent progress in their social, educational and behavioural development in relation to their starting points.  This is achieved by a team of highly qualified and skilled clinical staff and care staff providing consistent care.” Ofsted 2017

Children and young people at the School all have their own bedroom; no bedrooms are shared. Each child’s bedroom has study facilities and storage including a lockable space. Young people who wish to have one and who are assessed as competent and safe may have a key to their bedroom door.

There are adequate bathrooms and toilets in each house. Each house has a large, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, laundry and utility room; there is also a lounge area, which is used for house meetings attended by the children and young people in the home. The lounge is also used for indoor recreation, watching television, playing on the computer games console and general relaxation. Some houses have additional recreational hobby space.


Each house has its own landscaped garden which can be used for leisure activities. All houses benefit from an IT suite where young people can access email, attend to homework and use the internet safely through the school’s firewall filtering system. All young people are timetabled to attend the School’s IT and internet safety course run jointly by members of the School’s IT team, teaching team, and safeguarding officers.


In the larger houses, at least two adults stay in the house group overnight to help you and look after you during the night. At least one of these adults will sleep on the same floor as the children (but in their own bedroom). In the smaller houses, at least one adult will stay in the house group overnight.

Each person’s bedtime is linked to their individual needs and the national health guidance about the recommended hours sleep for a person’s age.

Bedrooms are homely and comfortable, children and young people are encouraged to bring and display their own things in their bedrooms, provided that they are felt to be appropriate.  Young people are consulted with over the choice of what they want in their room.

All children are encouraged to join in with the daily activities which take place in and out of the home. All homes have access to broadcast television and games consoles, because there is a focus on young people being healthy and active long periods of watching television or playing video games is discouraged.