The school aims to provide a high level of personalised full-time education through a high teacher-student ratio of two qualified teachers to each class group of 6-8 learners. Students generally have Education, Health and Care Plan and require support to help them develop their educational and social skills. Appropriate learning targets are collaboratively discussed and set to ensure a curriculum, which is tailored to an individual’s needs. All students are encouraged to achieve external accreditation for their learning and a range of examinations are available including, GCSEs, BTECs, Functional Skills and Entry level certificates. Each classroom has interactive boards and access to computer facilities.

“Teaching is good across the school, including in the sixth form provision.  Teachers are highly skilled and passionate in their work.”  Ofsted 2017

Participation and enjoyment in day-to-day school life is actively promoted. A Students’ Council exists whereby all individuals are encouraged to put forward their points of view through their class representative. In addition, there are extra-curricular activities such as woodwork, textiles, pottery, art, drama, music, science technology club and a homework club along with opportunities to participate in a range of sporting activities both at school and in the homes.

“Teachers show drive, dedication and resilience, with an aspiration to provide pupils with high-quality learning experiences.” Ofsted 2017

The social relationships formed between young people in the classroom and in the home provide variety and flexibility of communal living and learning experiences as each child grows and develops.

“Staff work tirelessly to raise pupils’ aspirations.  They encourage pupils to achieve the right qualifications to achieve their ambitions, for example, joining the police force.” Ofsted 2017

The School is always seeking to improve the education provided and welcomes feedback and comments from students, parents and authorities.

Tim Makaruk – Head Teacher